About Davey B

Hello World! My name is David Broza (my friends call me Davey B) and I am a massive car enthusiast! When I’m not watching F1 in my boxers I’m pretending to be a rally car driver in my second hand Ford Fiesta or taking a trip to the McDonalds drive through, a trip which incorporates the two greatest things in life: pork and cars!

Me with Enzo

Me with Enzo

My favourite driver is Michael Schumacher (legend), the way he grips the gear stick really gets my gears going. My favourite car is the Ferrari Enzo, and I have a neat poster of one featuring on my bedroom wall, it is the masterpiece which probably kicked off my obsession with the automotive world. If I could, I would have the Enzo with a claret and blue paint job, as I’m a huge Villa fan and spend a lot of time in the sky with my fellow Holte enders… It would also be nice to see my beloved claret and blue colours on something which actually performs!

I am in a family band, and we love nothing more than performing our ‘All Car’ set at Car Shows around Birmingham. The set, which consists of songs such as Mustang Sally and Highway to Hell, always goes down well, I am the lead singer and we are available for bookings.

Meet the band! I'm in the yellow x

Meet the band! I’m in the yellow x

I have also recently started taking a more active role in ensuring my motors wellbeing; servicing costs were getting a little bit too much thanks to my ‘pedal to the metal’ approach to driving, so I am learning how to carry out repair work for myself.

I have started this blog to share my enthusiasm for anything to do with cars, Formula 1 in particular. Thanks for reading, check in again soon folks!

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