Cars the Brozanator has Owned!

Me again! As you all know I’m a huge fan of all things automotive. If I’m not making deals in recruitment (BOOM!) or trying to find a nice little sort on Broad Street, I’m watching formula 1 in my boxers while Mother Broza gives me one of her famous massages. I absolutely love cars! Recently I have got myself a nice little Contract Hire Audi A7 Sportback, that’s right baby, an executive car for an executive man. Big bad Broza is all about getting that wonga, but I know how to have a laugh, my office bants (banter) is through the roof.

Upon my Audi A7 Sportback being delivered I did get a little bit emotional about my previous cars, so I thought I’d give them a little send off in the form of this article. Every car I have ever owned will have a place in my heart.

My first car was a gift from mother Broza, she got me a Renault Megane for my 18th birthday and what a treat that was. I mean sure, It wasn’t quite the car that big bad Broza was after, I’d dropped numerous hints to try and get a Ford Focus but I guess that was a little too much to expect. After two years in the Megane I Began to love it, but unfortunately it was a tragic romance and eventually it was costing too much to maintain so we had to part ways, much to my distress.

After the Megane came the Seat Ibiza and this car suited me down to a tee, every moment spent in it was pleasure. I miss the days I used to spend driving up and down the high street, windows open and music playing so all the girlies could see the Brozanator in all his glory. Then, after a further 3 years in the Ibiza I made a couple of deals…. BOOOM and thought *YOLO*, I’m going to get myself a nice second hand BMW X1. Now as you already know, I’m not afraid of a bit of banter, but people started ripping me for my new wheels, saying that the BMW X1 was a car for old people or women. I couldn’t have people thinking that about the Broz dog, my whip has gotta reflect the person I am, confident, driven, young and ready to take this world by the balls. If you don’t like that you’re a hater and you know what Brozanator does with a hater!!

Here's me posing next to my beloved SEAT back in the day.

Here’s me posing next to my beloved SEAT back in the day.

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